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OpenIAM 2020: Online training workshop

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Suneet Shah
October 1st | 11:00 EDT | Show in my timezone
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Oct 1

11:00 EDT

Deploying OpenIAM in an AWS Kubernetes Environment


Oct 15

11:00 EDT

Nov 12

11:00 EST

Nov 19

11:00 EST

Dec 17

11:00 EST

Here is What You'll Learn

This workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to OpenIAM for new users. It will address common use cases and provide users with a foundation to get started with the OpenIAM 2020 Enterprise Edition

Deploying OpenIAM on Kubernetes

Session will provide an overview of the OpenIAM stack followed by a live tutorial on deploying OpenIAM in an AWS Kubernetes environment using Terraform.

Configure User Life cycle management

Session will cover concepts related to user life cycle management in OpenIAM and then demonstrate how to:

* Configure a connector to Azure AD

* Import existing user and groups memberships.

* Integrate with an authoritative source to demonstrate how joiners, movers, and leavers use cases can be implemented.

Configure business rules and Request / Approval

Will build on previous sessions to show how business rules can be implemented in OpenIAM to simplify role assignment. This will be followed by a demonstration on how to implement multi-step workflows to support request/approval functionality with a service catalog.

Configure SSO and MFA

OpenIAM supports SAML 2, oAuth 2 and OIDC to enable federation. This session will demonstrate how to configure SSO and control access to these application. This will be followed by a tutorial to enable MFA in OpenIAM.

Configure SSO to Legacy applications

Many organizations have applications which do not support SAML, oAuth 2 or OIDC. To enable SSO to these applications, OpenIAM provides a Reverse Proxy (rProxy). This session will cover the strategies available to enabling SSO to these application, followed by a live tutorial to show how to configure the OpenIAM rProxy to enforce security and enable SSO.

Enable CIAM Functionality

This final session will build on the foundation created in previous sessions and will demonstrate how to configure OpenIAM to provide CIAM functionality. The session will cover the following :

* Adaptive authentication and FIDO authentication

* Self-registration

* Delegated user administration

* Self-service password reset

* Consent management

October 1st
11:00 EDT
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